The Bumpy Path to Freedom


From a young age, there was one of two choices that Dr. Guillermo Castillo could make for his life. He could either follow his family’s heritage and become an agricultural worker or he could pave his own path to success through curiosity, education and seeking opportunities. He chose the latter, and it has led him on an intense journey filled with heart, humbleness, and finally the freedom that was part of the goal all along.

Dr. Castillo shares a compelling narrative of how he made it past those bumps in life, which include life altering hurdles in his personal life and formidable resistance in his career as a medical doctor. Through life’s shakeups and the necessity for solutions, a new narrative emerged that has become a game-changer for his life. There is a resolution for every challenge you face in life that can take you a step closer to freedom—if you don’t fear it that is, and you are ready to break past that which stands in your way. The path is bumpy, yet it is joyfully rewarding!

This is a guide for hope combined with practical strategies for life. Your story and choices can shift daily and that is exciting. With these 19 Principles, Dr. Castillo has shared from his heart and showed how these principles encompass a life that you define as successful; a life in which you set the tone for a brighter and better world. Each of these 19 Principles helps you to unpeel the root of your discontent and discover key components about your life that lead to peace of mind. The resolutions you need exist inside you right now; it’s time to discover them and release your best self.

Your potential to live in a freed state of mind starts here. Enjoy the journey.


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