Dr. Guillermo Castillo


Doctor Guillermo Castillo is an expert in precision medicine with over twenty years of experience. This discipline of precision medicine takes the collective lessons from life circumstances, environmental factors, and genetic predisposition, then synthesizing these aspects of an individual to create a unique health plan—a health road map that will help the individual overcome their most difficult life challenges. In essence, he helps people who want a better life health-wise to achieve it.

Guillermo comes from a humble background, a child to uneducated immigrant farm hands. The circumstances he was born into forced him to address potentially overwhelming situations from his youngest years onwards. It turns out that it was through managing these circumstances that he was able to draw strength and tenacity, extracting those experiences that forged an incredible fortitude and determination, along with the perseverance that led him to the success and freedom he now enjoys.

Today, Doctor Castillo lives in San Diego, California, where he raises his two teenage sons and enjoys fitness, travel, and satisfying his insatiable thirst for knowledge and information.